We love doing photography in Sydney, it’s home to us after all. Sometimes we get invited to do a shoot outside of Sydney and this one turned out to be quite an adventure, in the best way possible.

When Janine and Shaun suggested a shoot at an apple orchard, we knew exactly where to go. On our way out to Bilpin we also stopped at a super secret location to get some shots in some tall trees and some of the most beautiful and atmospheric light we’ve had to date. Janine and Shaun were also incredibly supportive with all our creative ideas and the morning just flew by.

Take us back to Bilpin any day so we can be amongst the tall trees, the beautiful farms and the extraordinarily generous and friendly locals. A special mention goes to Bill at Shield’s Orchard for taking the time to show us around his amazing orchard. Anyone up for a roadtrip and some fresh home made apple pie?

This shoot was featured on Polka Dot Bride.