I turned 29 last week.

Lisa surprised me with a long weekend away in Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour. For those of you not familiar with it, Bellingen feels like a town that was created in the mind of a novelist. It’s almost too perfect. Down every street is yet another gorgeous scene. The locals wave to you as they drive past. Strangers smile at each other in the street. Roosters wake you in the morning without being the product of a mobile phone’s alarm.

This last year has been pretty intense for both of us. A lot has happened in our lives. We’ve been excited, amazed, delighted, and most importantly, proud. We’ve had the support of our incredible friends and family and we have something real and tangible to show for it.

I can’t describe to you the feeling of watching the pieces assemble. Every day that passes yields something that will stay with us for years to come. There are few things more rewarding than watching something you’ve built with your own hands come to life.

And I’m doing all of this with someone I love. Someone who can watch those same pieces fall into place. Someone who can bring everything they have to offer and repeatedly floor me with the results.

Love you, Lis. I can’t wait to see what we build together.