New York City

New York, USA

It's been a few weeks now since we were in magical New York City and we are suffering withdrawals more than ever. The city certainly lived up to all its hype and our cameras got a massive workout with endless snapping. Every corner was picturesque and the monumental buildings had us craning our necks up the whole time so we wouldn't miss a thing.

The Brooklyn night markets totally took us by surprise as one of our favourite nights out and we have fallen head over heels in love with Williamsburg. Oh and just to make sure all our Christmas wishes came true, it snowed on boxing day. Like giant heavy duty flakes of snow unlike any we had seen before. We couldn't have picked a more magical way to cap off an extraordinary year.

San Francisco

California, USA

Hi friends and happy Australia Day to all of you local folk. Pete finally received all of his processed film back from the lab and we've both finished culling through the epic collection of photos from our US trip. It's hard to believe we were gone for so long since we've now well and truly settled back into the swing of things back at home. In true Australia Day style over the weekend we both got burnt to a crisp partaking in Australia Day BBQ festivities and now both have incredibly tragic looking tans.

Today we thought we'd share the first part of our trip where we got to travel through the AMAZING San Francisco. San Francisco totally overwhelmed us with how awesome it was and we can barely start talking about it without swooning. Pete discovered the vegan burger of his wildest dreams and we have both been suffering intense withdrawals from our favourite pizza restaurant there, Delphina. Food and stunning scenery aside, the best part about San Francisco are the super friendly locals who had us smiling from the moment we arrived (yes, even the customs guy).

Also a big hello and thank you to the wonderful Studio Castillero, who we had the pleasure of meeting when we went down to San Diego for a day. We had a total blast with them and Pete was a little sad that he couldn't steal their cat.

Thank you San Francisco! We will be back for sure!