Peta & Alex

Alexandria, NSW

I love hearing the stories of how our couples meet. It's so interesting to hear about those tiny details that ended up making a huge impact when you first meet someone. For Peta it was when Alex leant her his beanie. I love that it was something so small that led to these incredible people having the beautiful wedding day that we were priviledged enough to photograph.

Their whole wedding was held literally a few blocks from their home in Alexandria. We love that we were able to capture them against the backdrop of their very own neighbourhood.

May Meanderings

Palm Beach & Cockatoo Island

Man, a month in and we're already late on our new project to share more about ourselves. We have a good excuse though. We've been so flat out trying to get as many weddings out the door as possible before we go away that we've had to postpone a few personal things.

Anyway, here we are! May was a bit of a mixed bag for us. We hit up the Boat House in Palm Beach for breakfast one morning ahead of scouting for a wedding we had up there. We also finally had a chance to check out the Biennale over in Cockatoo Island. We'd been meaning to see it for ages but we're also workaholics, so we just didn't get time. It was a nice way to spend a Friday though.

Apart from that it's been weddings, weddings, weddings! We're in Tassie for the next two weeks, so I'm sure we'll have some great stuff to share in our June update.

Natalie & Madison

Hunters Hill

We have 2 more weddings until we wrap up the wedding season and go travelling for a bit to refresh before we kick it all off again. Every season seems to accelerate in pace and goes by so quickly. Luckily we have a bunch of photos, slideshows and albums to remind us of the toe tapping, fist pumping, shout out loud amazing weddings we were privileged to capture.

Today I am sitting here processing the wedding of these guys and I can't get over how lucky we are that we get to spend our days doing what we do. Imagine the most enthusiastic person on the dance floor and that's how happy I'm feeling right now. Can't wait to share their wedding with you guys soon.