A small gesture

It's Lisa's birthday today. Actually, it'll have been yesterday when I put this post up. I'm terrible at grand gestures, so we're spending it at home; taking a break from shooting or processing or scouting. She's actually sitting across from me and reading Kinfolk in our living room as I type this. Every now and again I can't help but look at her and think about how much I love her and I just get lost in it. She just looked up at me and smiled and asked if I wanted a cup of tea. That's what she does. She can't help but be so giving and caring, even when it's her birthday and I shouldn't leave her wanting for anything. I don't deserve her.

I find myself doing it at weddings too. A groom will say something particularly wonderful about his new wife; I'll lower my camera, look over and she'll look back at me at the same moment and just smile. That smile.

We've been busy!

Hi friends!

Hope everyone is having an extraordinary week. The last few months have been a bit hectic for us while we completely redesigned our brand and built this very pretty new website. We also moved into an amazing new space with heaps of light, which makes me incredibly happy (I'm a simple gal like that). In amongst it all we've been shooting some totally amazing weddings and portrait sessions with just the best couples ever.

We had just way too many shoots to share so we thought we'd condense it into this highlights post of some of our favourite moments from the past few months. Promise we'll be blogging heaps more!

Lindy & Pavle

Bronte Beach

Last weekend we managed to squeeze in some much needed R&R with a bike ride in the glorious winter sunshine (seriously, we have it too good in Sydney). We even found time for a Mexican beachside brunch down at Bondi. Pete thought he was capable of handling the hottest of hot sauces; he was wrong.

Anyway, before that the last time we hit the beach was with these two cool cats as we leapt over cliffside boulders and explored secret spots down at Bronte Beach. We had the best morning with these guys and can't wait to do it all again on their wedding day.