May Meanderings

Palm Beach & Cockatoo Island

Man, a month in and we're already late on our new project to share more about ourselves. We have a good excuse though. We've been so flat out trying to get as many weddings out the door as possible before we go away that we've had to postpone a few personal things.

Anyway, here we are! May was a bit of a mixed bag for us. We hit up the Boat House in Palm Beach for breakfast one morning ahead of scouting for a wedding we had up there. We also finally had a chance to check out the Biennale over in Cockatoo Island. We'd been meaning to see it for ages but we're also workaholics, so we just didn't get time. It was a nice way to spend a Friday though.

Apart from that it's been weddings, weddings, weddings! We're in Tassie for the next two weeks, so I'm sure we'll have some great stuff to share in our June update.