Tasmania: Part 2

Hobart and Cradle Mountain

In the second (and final) instalment of our Tasmanian trip, we visited Hobart, Strathgordon, and Cradle Mountain. We also managed to meet up with our good friends Bree and Brooke from Light Noise Films (who are incredible videographers, if you're looking) and got to do a bit of adventuring with them too!

As Lisa mentioned in our last post, Tasmania was incredible. We wanted something that would mark the end of the wedding season and be a highlight of our year. Well... it ended up being a lot more than that.

You see, I'd known for quite some time that I wanted to marry Lisa. I certainly haven't been shy in telling people how much she means to me. Even then, I still find it hard to describe the impact she's had on my life, how much she inspires me every single day and just how thankful I am to have met her.

So, when we visited Cradle Mountain and climbed to the top of Marions Lookout on a very cold, wet, and foggy Wednesday in June, I asked her to marry me. Despite my poor choice of location and timing, she said yes and immediately made the trip into something we'll remember and treasure for the rest of our lives.

There are some photos of the proposal a bit further down in this post. They're not the most amazing shots, but they'll always mean something to us because they capture one of the real moments that defines our relationship.

I do think, however, that I'm going to regret those red pants in about 20 years (or sooner...).